Avakin Life MOD APK (Unlimited Gems/All Unlocked)

App NameAvakin Life
GenreRole Playing 
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Gems
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Avakin Life MOD APK: Avakin Life MOD APK (Unlimited Gems) is a social game that creates a virtual world where people from all over the world can discuss any topic. You will find many other players easily.

About Avakin Life

Avakin Life by Lockwood Publishing is one such game. The game was released on 22nd April 2016, so far the game has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play. In the beautiful 3D world, you can comfortably dress up, shop, explore and meet, and make friends with other players from around the world. This is a great opportunity for you to live another life, trying to become the person you have dreamed of being. You can design custom apartments, mansions, space shuttles, and more.

Enjoy Endless Entertainment

Avakin Life’s main entertainment is the mini-games it offers to the townspeople. Each content has its own mechanics, but players can earn money or reputation points by joining strangers. When players participate in many activities, they accumulate more points, which can be redeemed for gifts to improve the quality of life in a world of unlimited possibilities.

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Design your home

In this game you don’t just run through the streets: you will also build a house for yourself and your family. You can design your home according to your specifications and make it a comfortable place to live. Creating your own home is a great feeling and you will gain a greater appreciation for the challenges and roles of different people in society.

Buy as many items as you want

The first way to approach this is to find a few jobs on different servers, and if you complete the application, you will be able to increase the coins. Another method comes from in-game achievements and daily rewards that players can receive. At the same time, since you control your character’s activities down to the smallest detail, you will complete the tasks given to you in this game with complete precision.


I have to admit that the graphics in Avakin Life are very vivid and realistic. High-quality 3D graphics with sharp images down to the smallest detail. The characters are impressively designed with a series of different actions, made close to the real world.

Avakin Life MOD APK

Go into the apartment and adjust the furniture

After completing character creation, you will receive a bonus and a free apartment. Also, you can add the furniture already in this apartment as per your wish. You can add a dog as a pet, and it will move into your apartment. You’ll see some grids where you can add interior surfaces, and since it’s a free flat, it’s on a smaller scale. If you’re lucky, you might even pick up a few diamonds scattered around your apartment.

Buy anything

Avakin Life MOD APK is similar to the official game and comes with the same virtual currencies as well as the same amount of paid assets. But after downloading this variant, you can buy everything for free that requires real money, like apartments, enter any major club, and also get all clothes and style assets for free.

Make friends and Meet new Strangers

Along with enjoying all the fun, players can make many friends and start socializing. The game’s friend system is also simple, with an Intimate Chat mode added to make communication easier if players want to express themselves more openly. Players can also use cute and friendly emote mechanics to express their feelings or create funny moments with everyone at different parties.

Express your style

When knowledge and circumstances are sufficient, we often speak honestly. But be yourself all the time for Avakin Life MOD APK players. Get a broad understanding of all areas from when you are a beginner. Understanding core values and not just form is Lockwood’s strength.

Avakin Life MOD

Choose higher-paid jobs

If you really want to succeed in the game, you have to choose the highest-paying jobs. The reason is obvious: money is the easiest thing to measure in the game, and the clothes and houses you can buy with that money will obviously give you more status in the Avakin Life universe. You could almost say that success in Avakin life is like success in the real world.

Download Avakin Life MOD APK Unlimited Gems-All Unlocked

Download Avakin Life APK MOD You are immersed in a perfect life surrounded by a young and vibrant environment. Join this game now to meet interesting friends from all over the world.

Download (107MB)

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