Clash of Empire MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Gold)

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App NameClash of Empire
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Get it on:Google Play

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Clash of Empire MOD APK: Clash of Empire MOD APK (MOD/Unlimited Money/Gold) A war game with the aim of conquering the world. You are the owner of an empire, which needs its development. Also, you can generate free gems and coins with our game mode.

About Clash of Empire

Clash of Empire Mod Apk is a free-to-play, browser-based strategy game with one difference: you control the fate of your empire. As you build your empire over time, you will increase the size of your army. The game offers an experience not found in most other games of the same genre, making it perfect for those who want to play something different.

The game basically asks you to build an empire from scratch and reinforce some existing troops. In the future, you will face new challenges like fighting against enemies, be it AI computers or real players. This game requires you to be careful to complete these challenges. As a lord, you will build your empire, develop a civilization, train an army, slay monsters, gather allies to conquer territories, and defeat enemies from around the world. , will ascend the throne and fight for glory.

Clash of Empire MOD APK Unlimited Money


Clash of Empire Mod Apk is a game modification for Android that allows gamers to collect unlimited money. The mod is available for download from the Google Play Store and can be installed on any phone running Android. Once installed, players can start playing by downloading the mod’s companion app and clicking the Start New Game button. Clash of Empire Mod Apk is free to download and use, but some in-game items can be purchased for real money.

Conquer the World and Unlock Heroes

In This game, you can unlock heroes to help you in your campaign. These heroes are historical figures that can be assigned to different roles in your base. At the beginning of the game, you can focus on strengthening the heroes by completing single-player missions.

Fight Against Players from all Over the World

Clash of Empire offers, among other things, battles with other players, which is the main feature of this project. Here the battles take place in the form of a siege of your castle or else you have to besiege the opponent’s base. You must prepare your army for this. If you are attacking, you should have more troops, because attacking the castle walls is much more difficult than defending. To make the game more interesting, the developers added various siege weapons as well as ballista.

Clash of Empire MOD APK Unlimited  Gold

Join Our Global Player Community

Are you a fan of Clash of Empires? If so, you will love our Clash of Empire mod apk. This application allows you to play the game without spending money, and it is completely free to download! You can also join our global gaming community and interact with other game enthusiasts.

Crazy Magic Mine

Modern team fight for unity! Alliance can get a huge increase in resources by investing in Magic Mine. But when investing it can be attacked by other old alliances! If the defense is defeated, the resources will be lost! Challenging battles are on the horizon.

Create Your Own Family

The best strategy games allow you to start from scratch and grow your empire. However, building a kingdom in one of these epic games is a great way to spend your free time if you have the patience to do so. Compete with other players.

Clash of Empire MOD APK

Strategic Warfare

The game also allows you to map the world and battle other players. The gameplay is reminiscent of the famous Clash of Clans, but the battles are more interesting. Your city and armies are under your control, and you can upgrade them to win. The game also features a multiplayer mode and allows players to form clans and battle communities with friends or online opponents.

Unlock all Tools and Machines

All equipment, vehicles, and weapons are now usable. Plus, the game’s all-new “Quick Play” feature lets you add your friends to a multiplayer game in seconds.


There are many types of buildings that you can build. All of these buildings can do different things, such as crafting characters to find soldiers that can help you in battle. Ultimately, you need to be online for free so that your kingdom is not invaded quickly.

Clash of Empire MOD

Mod Feature

  • Clash of Empires: Empire Age (Unlimited Money)
  • Clash of Empires: Empire Age (All Unlocked)
  • No Ads (Remove Ads)
  • Unlimited Coins/Gems
  • Premium Cracked Clash of Empires: Empire’s Edge

Download Clash of Empire MOD APK MOD-Unlimited Money-Gold

Download the latest version for Android. And start your best strategy and travel war game with all modified features like unlimited money, gold, and all unlocked for free.

Download (139MB)

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