EnhanceFox MOD APK (Unlocked Premium and Pro)

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App NameEnhanceFox
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked
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EnhanceFox MOD APK: EnhanceFox MOD APK (Unlocked Premium and Pro) is an application for enhancing high-quality photos for mobile devices.

About EnhanceFox

As we know, how important are these rare old photographs in our lives? When we come across old photographs and photos, our memories can restore our mood and rejuvenate our lives. We begin to imagine the days when we celebrated these moments. However, there is a part of the situation that can cause problems. Our old photos have lost their beauty and appearance and this disturbs our mood, so we have been looking for a unique solution.

EnhanceFox MOD APK is the one-stop answer to all your image enhancement problems. Simply install this application on your device and use it to enhance various photos according to different aspects to achieve better results. Enhanced Fox makes everything easy, with just one click. In a matter of seconds, you can get high-quality photos.

EnhanceFox MOD APK Unlocked Premium

Improve your photos

Do you want your photos to look more professional and technical than your usual images? EnhanceFox will certainly help you do just that. Convert your photos to digital and HD quality. Make them look more professional. When you see them, you’ll think they’ve been edited by a professional photographer. Sometimes these photos even look like they were taken with a high-tech digital camera.

Editing blurred photos

Have you ever come across a blurred photo you’ve taken before where you can’t clearly see the person in the photo? It’s very frustrating for everyone when you can’t tell what the photo is actually about. Then EnhanceFox can help you to correct the blurred image so that it is more accurate than the original.

EnhanceFox MOD APK Unlocked Pro

Smart AI working mechanism

Many users have wondered how the built-in functions work in this program. According to the manufacturer’s advice, the application is a special product created by researchers who have spent a lot of time and effort. Thanks to advanced technology, modern artificial intelligence techniques have been integrated directly into the system to help it perform this useful function.

Colouring black and white photos

We know those old memories are so beautiful, but they can be black and white, so what we are doing now with this app is giving them a new lease of life with modern and beautiful images. Let’s color these rare photos with black and white backgrounds and images and fill them with different quality materials. Use the best-advanced features to make the life of your photos easier; you can give them a new fragrance and beauty without any effort. The application has many of the latest presets and effects to transform your look in the most sophisticated and enhanced way.

EnhanceFox MOD APK

Comparison of resolutions

Select all the photos that contain blurred and unclear points. We will start to restore them to their original state. In order to do this, EnhanceFox compares the pixels of the old images. Swaps and merges are then performed to increase the number of pixels. Afterward, the image will be sharper, and more important details will be highlighted. This method is very effective for all types of images. Even the weaker the image, the more spectacular the result will be. You can also sharpen past images as perfectly as possible.

Scan your photos

With EnhanceFox, Android users can have a full-featured photo scanning app at their fingertips to get digital copies of their photos. Feel free to use the app to take and scan old photos. Color your black and white photos with the built-in features, bring them to life with the many enhancements and use the many editing features when needed. Feel free to save or share digital copies of your photos with others so you don’t lose them.

EnhanceFox MOD APK download

MOD Feature

  • Open free Pro members
  • Unlimited photo improvement
  • unlimited number of color additions
  • No ads

Download EnhanceFox MOD APK Unlocked Premium and Pro

You can download the EnhanceFox MOD APK (Unlocked Premium and Pro) from the below links play and enjoy it with mod features.

Download (75MB)

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