KillApps Pro MOD APK (No Ads/Premium Unlocked)

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App NameKillApps
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
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KillApps Pro MOD APK: KillApps Pro MOD APK (No Ads) It’s a popular device optimizer that helps cool down your device, boost your performance, and more.

About KillApps Pro

KillApps allows you to close all apps at once to improve your phone’s performance. But why do we need to close apps? Well, when you leave an app open, it keeps running in the background, consuming battery and resources. This can cause your phone to slow down and in some cases crash. By closing apps you don’t use, you can improve your phone’s performance and extend its battery life. KillApps is a simple and easy way to help your phone run at its best.

Heat issues, hardware slowness, slowness, and shutdowns during operation are some of the common problems that devices face during these times. Hence the use of hibernating applications is common. One of the best apps is killApps mod apk which kills all apps running in the background and optimizes your device by improving its performance. Reduce the load on cache and memory, optimize RAM and CPU cooler memory, and cool the device to optimize its performance in all aspects. One of the best applications used to improve the overall performance of the device.

KillApps Pro MOD APK download

Cool CPU, and optimize battery and memory to improve device performance. This reduces the load on the cache and battery, and it will easily speed up the performance of the device and the operation of applications. Free up your memory, reduce load and perform faster operations with tools.

Check and clean your RAM quickly

It is important to monitor your RAM capacity. This is because only when your RAM capacity ensures free space, the tasks performed with the phone can be handled with ease. If the amount of RAM is too high and affects your experience, try to quickly clear the RAM with this app. This app optimizes your phone memory by freeing up RAM and making room for new apps.

Game booster

When you close all non-gaming applications, you can direct all your processing and computing power into the game and excel. KillApps has a built-in game booster because most of us play games on our phones. It helps prevent unwanted actions and allocates all your resources to games, so you get higher frame rates and better graphics.

KillApps Pro MOD APK

Battery Saving and CPU Cooling

The phone processor (CPU) is the most important component. It is the brain, the heart, that controls the phone. When the CPU is loaded beyond its allowed capacity, your phone will overheat and slow down. So the best solution is to cool the CPU, which protects the phone pin as much as possible. Controlling our phones would be a very difficult task if we were not experts. But with KillApps, all users will be able to control RAM, CPU, and battery capacity in a very simple way. With just a few basic operations, users will be able to speed up their phones without spending a lot of time.

Easy to Use

First of all, KillApps mod apk latest version 2022 provides an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for you to get to know it. The versatility of KillApps covers many different areas, uses automated systems, and gives you the easiest interaction to activate everything. For example, enhancer, cooler, booster, cleaner, etc., you can activate all with one click. Of course, you can customize each tool with many cool tweaks to improve its quality and performance.

KillApps Pro MOD

Task Killer

KillApps is a very powerful task killer that kills tasks and processes and prevents them from restarting automatically.

Close Background Services

Do you want to improve your device performance for better experiences? Then you need to speed up your device. The reason why your device is running slow is that there are too many background apps using your system. The old version of KillApps mod apk allows you to use advanced and useful mobile tools that allow you to get rid of all the apps that disappear without any trace and enjoy smooth web browsing.

Sweet in every Game

Exclusively for game lovers, closed apps help players get the best experience with characters, with the game’s protagonists as every move, every move, and manipulation becomes smooth. KillApps has a feature that goes to the active window in the background to find the button to force quit the app. The purpose of this process is for the application to simulate a user’s click action. In addition, it also observes the paging between background applications so that it interacts with the interface and makes sense.

KillApps Pro MOD APK

Cool your device

If you are a heavy Android user, you have always encountered the problem of overheating, which affects the performance, lifespan of your device, and the quality of user experience. At first, there was not much to do, but KillApps provides you with a virtual CPU cooler that helps you reduce the temperature of your device by getting rid of some unwanted tasks.

MOD Features

  • Exceptions list: Select the apps you want to keep enabling.
  • Support user application and system application.
  • Close all running apps at once with one click.
  • Background on work background and services.
  • Disable apps after closing apps.

Download KillApps Pro MOD APK (No Ads-Premium Unlocked)

KillApps MOD APK does not take unwanted permissions from your Android device. Also, there is no chance of your personal data being leaked. Download it and enjoy your day.

Download (7MB)

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