Mod APK v6.0.3.0 (No ads/Unlimited Plasma)

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MOD FeaturesUnlimited Plasma/All Unlocked
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Download (40MB) Mod APK: Mod APK (No ads/Unlimited Plasma) is a top-down space shooter where you have to dodge and shoot other players to survive. You start with one.

About is a competitive, fun, and fast-paced multiplayer space shooter with RTS elements. Play with friends and enemies online or on LAN in frenzied battles where everyone starts with the same main ship and must try to upgrade and customize it as quickly as possible. The principle is simple: you are a space blob and you must survive by eating other players and avoiding being eaten. The game has no power-ups or other mechanics. This is a game that requires an internet connection for multiplayer modes. is a unique and fun action game for mobile phones. Belonging to the IO series, which are simple games with pure and cute fun nature like Popular Wars,, Tiny Battleground, Zombie, and, is full of unique gameplay and surprises. Attracts gamers. Many of its players requested a different advanced version with unlocked features like unlimited plasma for free.

Play with friends

This is a multiplayer game, so you can invite your friends to play with them. Create your own clan or join others to communicate and exchange strategies with your allies. Train your squad and compete in squad matches to earn big rewards. Mod APK Unlimited Plasma

Online multiplayer games

This is a great mobile game that is like a ball fight. Players come to increase the size of your planet and try not to get eaten by bigger players. The game features more than 325 skins, which can be unlocked in various modes and in online multiplayer games. A maximum of 27 players can play each game. There are multiple game modes, including single-player battles and classic single-player battles, and team battles are waiting for players to play.

Play for free

Unlike other consoles like Android games, Nebulous IO Mod APK allows gamers to play the entire game without spending anything. However, by being proactive in this game, you can make up for it. By completing challenging trials, you will receive great rewards.

Participate in tournaments APK now includes a tournament mode separate from clan wars. You and your squad can compete in tournaments for a chance to win big plasma prizes. However, keep in mind that the tournament mode is the hardest. Mod APK No ads

Clan system

Like many multiplayer games, is equipped with a clean system. Players are free and join clans and enjoy clan wars. Members can chat and meet strangers only in game mode for better teamwork.

Games mode

In the main menu, you can see a list of all game modes such as Solo, Duo, Quad, and Showdown. There are eight different maps in single-player mode, but only one map is available to play in all other modes.f you play with robots, their number is unlimited and you risk eliminating them without winning any trophies or getting any points.

Simple controls controls are simple as players only need the control pad to move around. You can control the direction you want to move by directing. But there’s also a split button that launches some of your mass in the direction you’re headed. Next, you have an eject button to fire some mass in your current direction. Mod APK

Server Leaderboard

Each continent like Asia, North America, etc has its own server. You are placed on the leaderboard based on your plasma and server location. If you want to be among the first thousand players on the server, you will be paid well.

Mod Features

  • Free download
  • Unlimited damage
  • Anti-ban system
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited amount
  • Unlock all levels
  • No ads
  • Unlimited energy

Download Mod APK Unlimited Plasma-No ads

You can download the official mod apk file from our site & Enjoy it because it has really amazing features.

Download (40MB)

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