PK XD MOD APK (Menu/Gems/Unlimited Money)

App NamePK XD
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/Gems
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Download (279MB)

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gems/Diamond
  • Unlimited Gems/Diamond
  • Unlocked Everything
  • NOTE: Turn on the mod after you create your character!
  • New Mini-games in Arcade mode: Falcon XD and XD Turbo Race
  • New Arcade House: Explore and decorate it
  • Flying brooms are back and you can get yours PERMANENTLY.
  • The Event Pass has exclusive items like avatar customizations, a broom, wands, staffs and a cauldron that MAKES magic potions!

PK XD MOD APK: PK XD, MOD APK is the Best Adventure Game For Android. Mod is a popular open-world adventure game on Android where you can meet new friends, build your house, and much more.

About PK XD

Open world games have become a very popular trend in recent years. From simulation games to adventure games like the GTA series, we love open-world games! So it’s no surprise that many games today offer an open world for players to explore and do all kinds of things freely. We also see this in Battle Royale games where the cards are huge! But open-world games that focus on providing great content are rare.

Once this first part is over, we will proceed to decorate our house which will consist of three rooms and a hall. Many home essentials are available for free, allowing us to create a beautiful space without spending a lot of money. However, as we play, we will get the money that will allow us to buy different and more specific furniture, clothes, and accessories with which we can customize our space.

So download PK XD right away and start enjoying this immersive open world! Well, there is no Android game or console that does not require in-app payment, but PK XD MOD APK is our product that will not charge you a penny for the game! You need to download PK XD MOD APK from the download link below and enjoy the advanced gameplay for an endless time.

Attend events

We have loads of fun events designed just for you! Take part in our Halloween, Easter, and Christmas events with amazing decorations across the island. You can also take part in various adrenaline-pumping challenges, such as racing against other players or collecting items while dodging monsters jumping at you from behind trees.

PK XD MOD APK download

Play the whole game without interruption for a second

Are you annoyed by online advertising hurdles inside PK XD MOD APK? If yes, then you can download PK XD MOD APK immediately from the download link below. Fortunately, the app comes with a 100% ad-free interface at no cost and without the use of a third-party ad blocker app. Install the mod and increase the fun level accordingly!

Dream House

Have you ever wanted to build your own house? In PK XD you can build your dream home. Decorate it as you wish! In this game, you can create with the following items: dance mat, lava lamp, wallpaper, smoke cloud, fireplace, kitchen utensils, bathroom fixtures, and more! Whatever your dream is, you are sure to find it in PK XD! In this game, you can explore different houses to see what you can build for yourself! Build a house that looks like a spaceship, you are the only critic here! Go ahead and visit other people’s homes.

Create Your Own Avatar

Have you ever wanted to start from scratch? To create your own character without limits? In PK XD, you can freely create a character that represents you or someone else! You can even create something that barely looks human. You have complete control over your avatar in this game.


Talk to your friends, and relax

A vast world with a lot of interesting things, it’s all yours, you are one of the lucky ones who own our wide world. Coming to this game, you will experience such exciting things with your friends. Join your friends on a vast and wonderful adventure, explore the world around you, and enjoy all the fun we have to offer you. And that’s not all, apart from our major tasks and major challenges. Most of the time when you come to PK XD, you encounter many interesting things, and you get a chance to challenge yourself with many different activities. Explore floating games with your friends, savor new dishes with them, and join epic parties.

own your car

This can mean how you move to build your strength. We offer a variety of mobile phone accessories. For example, you can fly on skateboards, cars, airplanes, or even kites. Controlling each vehicle is also very complex, and you have to master it first. Also, each item has a different price depending on its flexibility. The more money you have, the easier it will be to buy a new car. You don’t have to use things you don’t want anymore. So show your style with these vehicles today.

Easy controls

The controls of PK XD are so simple that even a child can learn them in minutes! You can navigate the virtual board on your left and you can interact and interact with other items using the buttons on the right! Simply. Then you can adjust the camera by swiping the screen.

PK XD MOD APK Download

Get a part of our community.

Make games with us! We want to listen to everyone’s recommendations to ensure we can deliver the most rewarding experiences. When you look at the world of PK XD, many developers bring it to Resident Week.

Animal Adoption

If you are an animal lover, this game is the most special for you. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could complete challenges with your four-legged friends? These are virtual pets, but they do not lose their beauty, and the game will include different types of animals. From common animals to rare ones, find and adopt your favorite breed. Give them a name and watch them grow day by day, it can be fun.

A humane, fun, entertaining, and lively game

The game has colorful block graphics, but it is smooth, beautiful, attractive, and above all very fun, there is no slackening here. All the activities that happen are also very attractive and fun things in life: the meeting

Mod Feature

  • Unlocked All Levels
  • No Ads
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All Premium Feature
  • Unlimited Coins

Download PK XD MOD APK (Menu-Gems-Unlimited Money)

Download Unlimited Money Mod now to enjoy all its unlimited features! You can install this mod game on almost all Android smartphones running Android OS. You don’t even need to root your smartphone to enjoy this era of PK XD MOD APK.

Download (279MB)

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