Pubg Mobile MOD APK (AimBot and Unlimited UC)

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App NamePUBG Mobile
MOD FeaturesUnlimited UC, Health/AimBot
Get it on:Google Play

Download (746MB)

Pubg Mobile MOD APK: Pubg Mobile MOD APK (AimBot and Unlimited UC) is a mobile game. So you can download the latest version of PUBG Mobile on your phone and tablet.

About Pubg Mobile

PUBG Mod was originally released on PC by a Korean company and officially launched on Xbox a year later. PUBG Mobile APK was launched with the world’s largest revenue-generating Chinese sports company Tencent. PUBG Mobile Unlimited Ammo was a huge hit upon launch, not only because of its similar gameplay and graphics to the PC model but also because it was completely free. There are also a number of maps, such as Orange, Miramar, Zombie mode, and TDM, that are playable. You must therefore build a strategy for each of them and compete with other players in the modified version. There is unlimited money, no rebates, and an anti-ban feature to protect your account.

Pubg Mobile MOD APK  Unlimited UC


This app is like the official PUBG Mobile, it has the same features, the same equipment types, the same maps, and the same modes, in fact, everything is like the PUBG app. But the difference is that with some of its extra features, like free in-game purchases, the game becomes more casual. It’s so easy to make any chicken dinner with this app. You can also push yourself to conquer and zone the top 100.


The game is extremely fun to play. Up to 100 people can play the game at a time at a location of your choice. There are several weapons that you can use to attack and kill your enemies. The whole game just continues and eventually you win the chicken dinner.

Massive battle maps

Offering a variety of maps in different sizes and styles, day and night cycles, different weather conditions, urban areas, dense jungles, multiple vehicles, and much more. Create your own strategic approach to winning battles and learn the secrets of each battlefield to master the game and win a chicken dinner.

Pubg Mobile MOD APK AimBot

Depth and Variety

Single, two-player, or 100-player teams play in Classic, Zombie, or TDM modes. Again, you can switch between FPS and TPP modes mid-game for a better overview. Explore a wide range of weapons from assault rifles to snipers and use them to kill your opponents.

Single and multiplayer game modes

There is a single-player mode where you fight all the enemies alone. There is no team to help you, you are a one-man army and must fight all the enemies alone and kill them alone. In multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends or family or with other people via the internet. You work as a team and form an army against the enemy. You can create groups of 2-4 to win battles.

Amazing new vehicles and objects

When it comes to transportation, the first thing that comes to mind is a driverless train. It allows you to move around many different areas of the game without being guided and you can move freely through its space. However, there is one thing that everyone should be concerned about and that is the route that the ship has to take, which is clearly shown in color on the map. It, therefore, works in the same way as public transport in real life. Another interesting feature is that directional dogs appear in certain areas of the map.

Pubg Mobile MOD APK

Anti-Ban Game

You don’t have to worry about being banned by the authorities. As the game is based on an anti-ban server, all your data and game records are safe with your account.

No time limit

In today’s world, for example, the mobile version of PUBG is now famous all over the world and those who are used to playing with the most conversations are getting addicted to the sport that people used to cover.

unlimited UC

Until now, the PUBG app didn’t have unlimited money, drugs, kits, and unlimited UC, but now these unknown suppliers have unlocked all these features in this hacked mod, allowing you to save your enemies without even having to spend money. I can buy weapons, guns, bikes, vehicles, skins, and more. This feature is a perfect feature for this game; if you want to take advantage of it, click on the link below to download this game on your phone without delay.

Download Pubg Mobile MOD APK

Royal Pass mode

The advantages you get after paying for the Royal Pass can now be used freely in this version of the game. You can get all the benefits.

Download Pubg Mobile MOD APK AimBot and Unlimited UC

You can download the Pubg Mobile MOD APK (AimBot and Unlimited UC) from the below links play and enjoy it with mod features.

Download (746MB)

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