Life of a journalist
Life of a journalist
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(Choosing a Field)

When young journalist choose something like journalism, many people often say that this field is not right for them and then when a student chooses their choice, it must be difficult for them. That field I have selected is really right for me or not.

(Challenges from Family and Friends)

When journalism aspirant’s young journalists choose a field like journalism, the biggest challenges often come from our family and friends. They tell us that we are not made for something like journalism. You cannot face the camera. How can you become a journalist if you can’t speak in front of people? Such words are in the language of people.

(Facing Threats)

And then when people go forward in the field, become reporters, become journalists, then when we write an article or a column against an institution, we are threatened that we will kill you. Such threats are received by journalists like us.

(Raising Our Voices)

When people raise our voices against most important issues of the establishment that does not augur well for the country, we are killed. When people raise our voices, we are also killed like journalists like Arshad Sharif. This is the harsh reality of a journalist’s life.

(Difficult Moments)

The life of a young journalist goes through the most difficult moments. The life of a journalist is like when a person is standing on thorns and he who feels pain. Similarly, such is the life of a young journalist. In Pakistan, especially, a young journalist often has little value and can be killed in broad daylight. So, this is the life of a young journalist.

(The Work of a young Journalist)

Journalism is a profession with its own unique challenges and achievements. A true young journalist does not rely on friendships with politicians or wealthy landlords but focuses solely on their work. This is the real life of a dedicated young journalist.

(This column is written by Farhan Akram, a student of journalism and mass communication.)

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