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U-Dictionary MOD APK (Unlocked VIP/Ads-Free): This is an application that helps you remove the language barrier. goes more beyond a normal dictionary! Effortlessly translate messages and photos.

About U-Dictionary

U-Dictionary MOD APK currently contains 100 languages ​​of the world. Translate text from any language such as English, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese… Just select the original language of the text you typed, then select the language you want to translate, And you will get results almost instantly. Translations are also very smart and user-friendly thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms. So, you don’t have to worry whenever you travel or go to another country for work.

If you want to order a coffee at an Italian cafe, translate the question into your language and touch the microphone icon so the app helps you talk to the waiter. Others are available to welcome you into the world of learning a first language. Most of the applications of this editor are aimed at helping to learn and improving the user’s knowledge. In addition, the app also offers a number of useful features to help users improve their English usage. Our latest version provides Pro/Premium/VIP unlock without ads for free. So download the latest version of U-Dictionary now!

U-Dictionary MOD APK

Offline use U-Dictionary

Thanks to the dictionary system offered by the developer, you can also translate documents and texts even when your device is not connected to the Internet. So you can learn foreign languages ​​anytime and anywhere without depending too much on your internet quality. Of course, the results you get when translating offline aren’t as varied, and the app doesn’t even recognize certain words.


Find words easily with the U-Dictionary Compiler. The app will show you the full results of the word you just translated, including the meaning of the word, and its usage in the sentence. Of course, words and phrases don’t just have one meaning, they can change depending on the context of the phrase. So, you can improve translation quality by participating in translation collaboration and rating to help the app get more results that match the user’s wishes.

U-Dictionary MOD APK free

Support accurate and fast translation.

Apart from learning foreign languages, the app can also help users do accurate, fast, and efficient translation work. Currently, it has three interesting forms of translation, namely, first, it allows you to easily use text translation. All you need to do is type the text and press the search button, and the application will generate results instantly. You can also use the camera or gallery to provide images for the app to translate. Finally, when you activate the microphone and speak directly into the device, the voice translation method correctly recognizes and processes it.

Correct grammar mistakes.

It’s not enough to learn new words, you have to learn grammar too. We help you with different levels of grammar collection from basic to advanced. Choose and study every day to gain comprehensive knowledge that is easy to apply to your future work. Also, we have added a grammar correction function, which is very useful when you write articles and essays.

U-Dictionary Download MOD

Camera translation support

The application also integrates additional camera tools to capture text, and documents for translation. Just click on the app’s camera icon and then find the content you want to translate into a photo. Finally, the application will translate the meaning of a very specific and detailed sentence or paragraph directly on the screen. Although this is not a very new feature at the moment, it is very suitable for users who want to find words scattered in an image.

Translate everything

You can translate everything on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Translate text, cameras, photos, and videos into hundreds of widely spoken languages. Your content will also be grammatically correct thanks to its AI grammar checker.AI is great at translating languages ​​and making sure you don’t have to worry about translation. You can order coffee from any country without worry because the app will do it for you!

U-Dictionary MOD APK Download

Voice recognition

U-Dictionary allows users to translate words in different ways to help users avoid spending too much time on their own. For example, you can translate your voice, just record your voice. The application will automatically display the appropriate translation results directly on the screen. Of course, you have to speak the word as close to native speakers as possible so that the app can recognize it as accurately as possible.


  • Offline translation in 38 different languages
  • Pronounce words in English and American accents
  • Translate in the toolbar without having to open the program

U-Dictionary MOD APK (Unlocked VIP/Ads-Free)

U-Dictionary has so many features that we cannot fully cover them in one article. You can try and explore all the features of this app yourself. Additionally, a VIP version of U-Dictionary is available. This version allows us to use advanced features of the application without any fees.

Download (36MB)

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